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Who is Xavier Edmondson?

Hello, my name is Xavier Edmondson. I’m a 14 year old entrepreneur. I’ve authored three published books. The first is entitled, “I Love To Help Mommy”. The second is a spiritual book entitled, “How 2 Pray”. This focuses on connecting with God. Committing to God and changing your entire life; to please our heavenly Father. The third published book is entitled, “How To Be A Great Leader”. In this book; I specifically focus on every aspect of your day to day life. It ranges from leading at home, school, church, work etc. In addition, to being a published author; I’m the CEO of Edmondson Lawn Service. I was featured in Mount Zion’s Trumpet Magazine and I usher on the Mount Zion Baptist Church ushering team. I constantly focus on bettering myself, so that I can better others in and outside of our Nashville community. I’ve maintained an A/B average since Elementary School and will continue to keep my grades spotless

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